Foodie Favorites: Healthy, Allergy-Free Super Bowl Recipes

Have you ever imagined what would happen to the quality of your social life if you removed food and drink from the equation? I’m willing to bet a lot of people have never given it a thought. I certainly hadn’t, until recently. A few months ago, some health complications led me to discover that I am sensitive to a number of common foods, namely eggs, wheat, and dairy products. My new diet makes me feel wonderful and it’s full of things I really enjoy, but it has also dragged a fair amount of stress and negativity into my life. It’s awkward to attend a holiday gathering or dinner party if you have to impose on the host to alter the menu to suit your needs, or bring something separate for yourself to eat. Going out with new friends (and old) is tough if you have to worry about every restaurant. Those in the allergic and sensitive population are not the only ones who go through this; anyone who has been on a diet knows how depressing it can be to sit in the corner munching celery sticks while your friends and family pig out at a party. It’s hard to appreciate how integral to socializing food is, until your ability to enjoy it is compromised in some way.
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