We’re no experts, but…

We’ve spent years in the field of Communication, counseling corporations, small businesses, friends, family and total strangers who choose to open up to us with great frequency. We can so relate to what we’ve heard, and thus the choice of our blog name.

We are women… wives… mothers (or like mothers)… daughters… sisters… aunts… friends. We are natural talkers and trained listeners. We are curious… funny… talented… and mostly sane. We love art… music… photography… great writing… and, most of all, common sense thinking. We adore many people and most pets. We like doing business with those who do good. We love engaging in conversation with people who have something to say. People like you.

Our hope is that you’ll relate to the voices you hear on this blog (ours and others), and find them refreshing, wise, purposeful, humorous, sensitive, clever, and most of all, memorable. If they bring you to that “aha” moment, congratulations. If our words inspire you, go for it. If our thoughts touch your heart, make you reach out, think twice or just think before you act, we’re gratified to have helped in some small way. If we make you laugh (out loud, rolling on the floor, or however), let us know; you will have made our day.

We invite you to comment on our posts and share your thoughts. If you’d like to be our guest and submit blog posts, contact us so we can share your voice and give you the credit you deserve. We can SO relate is an unvelope.com blog.