Make Saving Lives Fashionable

While October — traditionally Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) month — comes and goes, breast cancer unfortunately, isn’t quite taking a long leave of absence just yet. It seems as though everyone knows someone whose lives have been affected by breast cancer in one way or another. Even with the knowledge that early detection — via mammography and breast exams — has improved the chances of surviving breast cancer, many women still fail to schedule their mammography exam and, hence, place their lives at risk. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m hoping that this post and can help save lives and improve breast cancer statistics one free e-card send at a time. With your help, we might be able to do just that. And, it will cost you nothing more than a few of minutes of your time…  any time of the year.

With this thought in mind, has created an elegant, eco-friendly collection of BCA cards that can be personalized, scheduled and sent absolutely free to the women in your life. And, you can do this not only during the month of October, but right now and throughout the year. Now is as good a time as any.

Having spent over twenty-five years in healthcare communication and over ten, caring for family members, I have a very personal and keen interest in healthcare and wellness issues. I’ve seen friends and family suffer some of the consequences of breast and other cancers and I am convinced that being well-informed about and taking personal responsibility for our health will positively affect future statistics as well as enrich lives. Social media has been so very helpful in this arena; however, too many of us still fail, for one reason or another, to be “in the know” about women’s health and, more specifically, breast and ovarian cancer statistics and how they might avoid or help someone else avoid, being one.

Yes, I know many of us would rather be “in the know” about the latest fashion trend or when Don Draper’s going to come knocking down our door, but since one is readily available and the other is, at best, unlikely, I figure we might as well try, in some small way, to make saving lives a fashionable and worthwhile trend. It’s entirely feasible… with your help., the art and soul of cards®, invites you to check out its Breast Cancer Awareness/BCA e-card collection and send as many mammography reminders and other cards of encouragement as you like — for free — to those fabulous women in your life whom you’d like to have around for as long as possible. The cards are warm, sophisticated and  designed to provide a gentle nudge to someone who might have otherwise been reluctant to schedule their mammography.

Every Month is BCA Month,” for example, is an approachable animated “mammo-minder,” reminding someone you care about to schedule their mammography — just in case they forgot to do so, or because they just might be denying the need to schedule one altogether. The latter, as odd as it may seem, is unfortunately all too common.

If you can spare a minute and agree that sending one free e-card at a time might be “virtually” a click away from your being a real “life-saver,” then please do a little “clicking.”

BTW, the sophisticated BCA ecards from are more than just “mammo-minders.” The complete BCA collection is designed to help you keep in touch with and reach out to those in your life who have survived breast cancer or are undergoing breast cancer treatment. If you just want to tell someone you love them to pieces or make them lol, you can do so, as well, on this easy-to-navigate. Every elegant card has tons of heart and soul and is under 30 seconds. We recognize that “time is of the essence,” in more ways than one.

So, life-saver, enjoy viewing the selection and send a friend your personalized message. Most of all, feel good knowing you may actually be getting something truly worthwhile for, “virtually,” nothing. No cost to view. No cost to personalize, schedule and send mammography reminders or any other BCA card to several people at a time, if you wish. Just go to the BCA collection on

Thanks for listening and for helping to make some small dent in improving breast cancer statistics. It’s not just fashionable… it’s about being a true friend. Live and be well!





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